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Sell Profitably

Choosing the right agent is critical. An agent’s skill in pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating & contract prep can add 5% or more to your bottom line. Each CHR Agent focuses relentlessly on the fundamental skills that ensure a profitable and hassle-free transaction.

Purchase Wisely

Your home may well be the most important purchase you make in life. After all, your home is your refuge. It’s the private habitat in which your life plays out. At CHR, we believe something so vital to your identity and comfort should be bought and sold quite differently than toothpaste or cell service.

Demand Excellence

With every hire, we set a high bar on your behalf. We take our time to hand-select for proper fit. By the time you see an agent smiling on our team page, you can be sure s/he is one of the most talented and productive real estate professionals in the Denver marketplace.


Choose extraordinary. Choose a CHR agent.

Our hand-selected agents are some of the most talented and genuine real estate professionals in the Colorado marketplace. Bonded by a shared passion for excellence, CHR agents are dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences through a powerful combination of refined systems and a commitment to exceptional skills.



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