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James Wiebe

James is a patient, thoughtful, and genuine person. He is analytical and empathetic, and notices details others sometimes miss. Being a pastor and marriage family therapist for the last 15 years, he highly values relationships and community and those values are integrated in the way he works with clients as well. As a Christian and follower of Jesus, he believes that the ability to build and nurture relationships is central to who we are as humans. James is a firm believer that the process of navigating relationships and learning how to communicate and do conflict well makes life better for ourselves and everyone we spend our lives with.       

James attended Abilene Christian University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. When he discovered that that degree didn't open the doors he wanted, he returned a couple of years later and got a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Seattle Pacific University. Being in this field of work has allowed James the privilege in both arenas of helping, serving, and walking with hundreds of people through some of the scariest, most stressful, most difficult, and most rewarding and life-changing experiences human beings can experience. His background required him to dig deep into himself, stand up for the powerless, speak truth to power, and be a strong but safe person for people at their most vulnerable moments. James is eager to use those tools to help and serve people as they make life-changing decisions about where to call home and how to do so in financially wise and profitable ways, so that they are happier and more secure.

He recognizes that purchasing a home is a life-changing and financially huge decision, and that it is far more than just a simple monetary transaction, or just deciding where to live. With a background in counseling, James is a great listener and skilled at asking questions and helping people look thoroughly at their motivations and decisions, and helping guide them towards taking practical steps that take them where they want to go. Having bought and sold several fixer-uppers, James has been on both sides and has an eye for value and seeing potential where others see obstacles.            

Other passions of James include skiing, hiking, and camping. He is also one of the few that actually enjoys yard work, as it is a great time for him to clear his head and think long and hard about things that require the extra time. A family man, James also loves spending time in the mountains or on a trail with his wife and kids.

James words to live by: Live big, love loud, and be authentic! This way of living may cause pain or hardship sometimes, but it will also lead to more joy, a life-long sense of adventure, and close relationships and connections. Take calculated risks...look at the pros and cons, and make the best decision you can with all the facts in mind, but without fear dictating to you what you should do.

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