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Richard Lindahl

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Richard Lindahl

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Richard grew up in Orange County, California. When missing, you would most likely find him bobbing up and down waiting for the next wave somewhere off shore at Newport Beach. After serving a mission for his Church, Richard attended the University of Utah where he majored in Marketing. He later received an MBA in Market Strategy from Regis University.

Before real estate, almost 20 years ago, Richard worked for Raytheon and Hughes Aircraft. However, if you ask him, he will tell you that his favorite pre-real estate job was “toy buyer” for Pace Membership Warehouse.

Today, Richard is passionate about serving in his community and church. He has served locally as a Bishop and in the Arapahoe Stake Presidency for his church. Currently, he teaches a weekly Sunday school class to about 120 students.

In Colorado Home Realty’s early years Richard was employing Broker. He feels honored to have been instrumental in its early development and vision. Providing a world class experience and exceeding expectations to all who touch the real estate industry is his passion. Today, Richard is on the Executive Team and a partner at Colorado Home Realty. He continues to represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. He loves to spend time training other agents and speaking at company events.

His wife, Brianna is the theatre teacher at Grandview High School. When she is not rehearsing and Richard is not at church or practicing real estate, they love to be with their four children, their spouses and grandchildren. Their family motto is: “Remember? Don’t take any wooden nickels, keep your nose clean, and return with honor.”

Richard advocates that at the end of the day, your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does!