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Emily Holten

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Meet Emily! Emily is the queen of organization and is nothing short of a perfectionist. She is determined and passionate about real estate, and she believes that all details, no matter how small, need to be taken into consideration. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Business Administration from Colorado State University and her real estate specialty is Title. She actually spent three years working for a Title Company, so that is her expertise. 

A fun fact about Emily is that she lived on a ship for six months in college and traveled to 11 different countries throughout that time, including  Iceland, London, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, and Russia. Emily loved the experience because she was able to sleep in one country and either wake up in the middle of the ocean or in a different country all together! Understandably, her dream vacation would be doing something similar again. 

Emily’s greatest inspirations are her parents. She comes from a family of health care professionals and she has always admired their unwavering ability to care for others. They both have a natural ability to truly empathize with other people at work and at home and that is always something she aspires as well, and it shows in the way that she works with her clients. 

Although Emily is extremely diligent and productive when she is at work, she knows how important balance is. Camping, hiking, golfing, snowboarding, drinking wine, and spending time with her boyfriend and their two furbaby dogs are some of the ways Emily likes to spend her time outside of work. Camping and golf are her favorite ways to escape from the chaos of the real world and allow herself to disconnect and recharge. Most people would stress out if they lost service or their phone, but Emily actually prefers it when she’s camping or golfing! She says that it is the perfect time to be present and enjoy the company of others, with a beer in hand.

Emily’s words to live by: Never complain without offering a solution!