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Tara Meekma

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Tara Meekma

If you ask Tara what’s most important to her, she’ll give you one word: family. Her young daughter Darby, partner Michael and his teenage son Ben are everything to her, followed closely by her extended family in Iowa where she grew up. Small town life in a farming community with wonderful parents taught her to have a strong faith, a reliable work ethic and what it means to live with integrity. While she credits all that to making her who she is, she has also made the most of opportunities to live and work in other cities to help shape how she lives, works and operates in life.

When it comes to real estate, Tara will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Whether buyers or sellers, she works tirelessly to make sure her clients have the best possible outcome. She even helped an elderly hoarding client clean out years of debris and junk, eventually selling her home for more than the asking price – all without phone or email! Helping everyone who crosses her path truly makes Tara tick – each one a story she treasures.

Naturally outgoing and loyal, Tara can talk to anyone. From world-famous athletes to retail clerks or school staff, she is known for making friends wherever she goes. She’s also a gifted communicator and can help analyze a situation and articulate the possibilities. This helps her navigate the transaction process with her clients in a way that leaves them feeling heard, supported and well represented.

Tara is inspired by her dad who’s been a financial advisor/insurance agent with New York Life for 45 years. He truly cares about his clients and their families, still working hard for their best interests, even though he's semi-retired. In her real estate business, she strives every day to model his approach; he listens and asks great questions, is genuine, friendly, humble and always leaves people smiling.

Tara attended Northwestern College in her hometown of Orange City, Iowa where she majored in Mass Communications with a Business Emphasis. She also attended the University of Iowa to study sports journalism and became an intern for the Chicago Bears.

In her free time, you will find Tara working out or playing outside with her family: hikes, walks or just playing in the yard. Making big Saturday morning breakfasts for the kids, dining out, or simply hanging out at home are all favorite activities. Tara is also drawn to country music, sporting events and reading. While she values the benefit of self and business-improvement material, an occasional leisurely read truly fills her soul. A recent favorite is "Where the Crawdads Sing" and anything by Liane Moriarty.

Tara feels fortunate to have been able to see much of the world in a past career. Be sure to ask her about her adventures in Istanbul, Turkey, Singapore, and Thailand as well as a luxury cruise that started in Monte Carlo and ended in Barcelona. She also loved seeing Italy and Paris and wants to go back for more.

More than anything, Tara loves being a mom. Her greatest hope for the future is to show her daughter that a woman can be a strong, successful career woman AND a mom; a good person that cares about others and leaves the world a better place.

Words Tara lives by: Be kind. Smile. Laugh lots. Work hard. Do the right thing.

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