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Pete Ambrose

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Pete Ambrose

With a strong belief that homes build families and community, Pete is passionate about helping people – especially first-time homebuyers – find their homes and build their lives. Whether Pete is helping people move into their dream home or buy their first home, he always strives to make the home buying and selling experience enthusiastic and personal. He cares deeply for his clients and wants to educate them in every area of the industry.

A number cruncher, Pete enjoys studying the market, figuring out what makes the economy tick, and keeping his clients informed and empowered to make the best real estate decisions they can.

With a background in residential construction, Pete brings not only a thorough understanding of the market, but also hands-on experience in all aspects of the industry. He understands that buyers and sellers want their real estate transactions to go smoothly. That means finding the exact home they’re looking for or selling their home promptly and for the best price. It means not having to worry, even if new to the real estate arena, or moving thousands of miles away. Pete also knows that the Denver market moves fast and that he needs to move faster. Real Estate transactions don’t stick to regular business hours, and neither does he. Pete is dedicated to the needs of his clients and always goes the extra mile to get the job done and exceed expectations.

When not showing homes, you will find Pete Spending time with his family. You will also find him working on making his own home more beautiful. He loves DIY projects (and his Sawzall), working with his hands, and thinks that creativity is the most valuable resource to the human race. Pete can often be found brainstorming on a whiteboard about a ridiculous new idea.

Pete has a Bachelor's degree from Benedictine College where he studied International Business and Theology.

Even though he and his wife are both Colorado natives, he has had many unique travel experiences including a one-way ticket to Paris with nothing but a change of clothes and a wanderlust for adventure, eating guinea pig in Peru, and drinking Chicha (look it up, it's gross) with local villagers in the Andes.

WORDS PETE LIVES BY: Do it right or do it twice. Do fewer things, more often, master them.

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