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Karen Adler

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Karen Adler

As a natural and experienced teacher, Karen loves helping her clients understand the sometimes-complicated world of real estate. Her excellent communication and relational skills allow her clients to feel heard and to be aware of all of their options. Karen is often the go-to person to have something explained or presented in a clear and engaging manner, so she not only makes the process of buying and selling a home understandable, but fun too. She is passionate about life-long learning – both personally and professionally – and she uses this passion, and the knowledge she acquires, to achieve her goal of delivering an extraordinary experience for both buyers and sellers.

Karen’s background in Education has helped her develop excellent organization, negotiation and conflict management skills. She has a degree in Spanish, a master's degree in Education, and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Administration. She’s received numerous awards including Teacher of the Year and Spanish Teacher of the Year, and the awards have continued in her real estate career with a Quality Service Award from a previous brokerage.

Karen is inspired by those who work to create community, bring people together and find adventure and joy in just living. Two such people who have inspired her are her late Aunt Suzanne and her fitness coach. Both push(ed) her to do what is hard, to dare to try new things, to seek adventure and to believe that she can do it - whatever it is! Karen recently completed a trail marathon at high altitude at the age of 58, and she didn't start running until age 52! She’s now driven to stay active and to find joy in each new experience.

When not helping her clients find success in their real estate pursuits, you will more than likely find Karen out on the trail somewhere – alone or with others – running and enjoying the surrounding nature. She also loves skiing, paddle boarding and snow-shoeing. When forced to stay inside, she can get lost exploring her creative side. You’ll find her writing, creating marketing pieces, dabbling with photography - really anything that allows her artistic side to shine. She’s also a fan of live music (many genres - but most recently, Nathaniel Rateliff is a favorite) and sports (Broncos, Avalanche, soccer, baseball on a nice summer evening..).

Although originally from North Carolina, Karen grew up in the Denver area and loves to travel. She has been fortunate to visit many wonderful places including Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, a few Caribbean islands, and several countries in Europe. She’d love to talk to you about the places you’ve been and get your recommendations for her next trip!

Words Karen lives by: If you can dream it, you can do it.

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