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Denny Brehm

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Denny Brehm

Denny is a transplant from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He fell in love with Colorado and his wife while working as a FOCUS missionary at CSU. He spent six years teaching high school kiddos Physics and loves a good word problem.

Denny works diligently to find the best outcome for his clients throughout the Metro Denver area. He is never pushing to buy or sell, but instead, to facilitate a world-class experience. His background in teaching and civil engineering help him see and explain various real estate situations with wisdom and patience.

After graduating from Penn State he volunteered for a year in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. He built homes for folks who didn’t have the resources to go it alone. That opportunity instilled in him a love of people and homes. Getting from then to now took a little while but putting good people and good homes together just made sense.

Denny loves his sports. He is a jack of all sports, master of none. So invite him out for a little golf or racquetball, because there is a good chance that you can win…but it will be close. He LOVES his family and his faith. He throws a spectacular party and will make you a cocktail that leaves you saying, “oh my, what is this?!?”

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Office Phone 720.981.4109
Cellphone 303.526.8148